Spatial Navigation

This is a repository for making the Web excellently embrace the spatial navigation's features so that the Web technology can be propagated into several industries such as TV, IVI, game console, and upcoming smart devices as well as PC and mobile for a11y.


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The spatial navigation is the ability to navigate between focusable elements based on their position within a structured document. Spatial navigation is often called 'directional navigation' which enables four(4) directional navigation. Users are usually familiar with the 2-way navigation using tab key for the forward direction and shift+tab key for the backward direction, but not familiar with the 4-way navigation using arrow keys. Regarding TV remote control, game console pad, IVI jog dial with 4-way keys, and Web accessibility, the spatial navigation has been a rising important input mechanism in several industries. If the Web can embrace the spatial navigation and efficiently support the functionalities in Web engines and W3C APIs, it will be more promising technology for existing products as mentioned above and various upcoming smart devices.