This spec has been deprecated, please see the Accessibility Object Model Explainer and index to specs for up to date information.


This document is the spec for Phase 3 of the Accessibility Object Model spec. For background, please refer to the Accessibility Object Model Explainer for the background and motivation, and then Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Phase 3: Virtual Accessibility Nodes

Virtual Accessibility Nodes will allow authors to expose "virtual" accessibility nodes, which are not associated directly with any particular DOM node, to assistive technology.

This mechanism is often present in native accessibility APIs, in order to allow authors more granular control over the accessibility of custom-drawn APIs.

On the web, this would allow creating an accessible solution to canvas-based UI which does not rely on fallback or visually-hidden DOM content.

The API for Virtual Accessibility Nodes will be specified at a later date.

Phase 4: Computed Accessibility Tree

See Phase 4